This web site is about helping you to heal yourself!  Sound unlikely?  Your responsibility to yourself and to your evolution is to be healthy and functioning at 100%!  In this site, I expand on this theme and on the information presented on my YouTube show:  Healing Yourself—The Holistic  ApproachI hope you enjoy reading the various pages on the site.  

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Holistic, for you, might be any natural healing modality, like: chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, etc.  Therapies that are done to you.  In this site, and in my accompanying YouTube Show, holistic is what you can do to heal yourself.

For forty-five years I have specialized in nutrition and holistic healing as a doctor of chiropractic.  Holistic refers to the integration of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, diet, and nutritional  aspects of your healing.  While in clinical practice I used diet and nutritional supplements to detoxify and rejuvenate the body organs and tissues.  I also used a system of Seven Nutritional Priority Levels, which helped me to organize and enhance individual healing.  Applied kinesiology, stress management, and other holistic methods allowed access to brain information about your holistic healing needs—basic information required for healing yourself.

I am now busy with internet consultation using my intuition and long holistic experience in helping people to manifest their body, mind, spiritual, diet and nutritional healing needs.         


Body is the natural and drugless treatment of your physical organs and tissues with diet, herbs and nutritional substances.  Clinical experience shows that the holistic aspects of your healing are equally, and often, more important than nutrition.


Mind reflects your mental and emotional balance—therapist territory of course—but much responsibility for this healing lies in what you can do to heal your own mind.

  EMOTIONAL stress, your feelings, unlike regular talk and drug therapy, is addressed by using a written release to remove negative emotions from your organs and from your mind, and this is paramount for your organ healing.

   MENTAL stress, your thinking, is managed with nutrition and affirmations, which returns you to mental balance and positive thinking before your stomach, intestines, adrenal, and immune system become distressed and diseased.  The healing of these organs depends on you having mental balance.


Spiritual refers to the status of your spiritual body.  You may have problems with your: God relationship, religion, prayer, meditation, negative spiritual emotions, aura or chakra imbalances, etc.  But even more important than these factors is any vulnerability you have to negative people, or to dark energies: such energies seek only to stop your healing, fatigue and weaken you, block your progress, hold you back, and interfere with everything in your life!  (See the separate web pages on these stresses, and what you can do to heal yourself.)  



Holistic doctors specialize in treating you for sub-clinical problems, which affect you before disease strikes; these subclinical symptoms are not medically diagnostic.  Holistic doctors are more adept at helping you in this situation.

Clinical problems (disease), medical emergencies, etc., require that you see a physician or go to the Emergency Room.  Holistic doctors shed light upon why medical problems develop, and how to prevent future disease episodes.  Obviously, acute infections are not holistic and require immediate medical care.  Medical school teaches the diagnosis and drug treatment of disease, little about nutrition, and nothing about holistic healing.  Obviously, everyone benefits when medical and holistic healers work more closely together.  Such partnerships are happening, but it may be years before it becomes a commonplace event for your healing.               



This useful analogy illustrates the gap between orthodox medicine and holistic healing.  Visualize the ceiling of a room as representing health, and the floor representing disease; the space between them represents the sub-clinical zone between health and disease.  As toxicity or stress occurs in your life, one or more organs move downhill through this zone, from the ceiling towards the floor, with symptoms appearing like: fatigue, headaches, neck and back pain, and other symptoms depending on the organ involvement (not diagnosable as disease, more the holistic doctors forte).  When an organ hits the floor, medical intervention is essential: clinical disease is then diagnosable through blood tests, X-rays, and so on.

This sub-clinical process represents how those organs, starting to develop health problems, communicate their distress through reflex pain to the neck and back (thereby keeping chiropractors busy)!

In this sub-clinical zone, your inner intelligence sets off alarm bells as organs fall towards the floor.  On any given day, literally dozens of signals are detectable by the health doctor through techniques like muscle testing or applied kinesiology.  These alarms react to the holistic factors that are pulling you down towards the floor and disease.

Note that in complex medical conditions, acupuncture  energy pathways become tangled, delay healing, and interfere with accurate muscle testing.  Acupuncture treatment resolves such confusion and assists your healing, as does chiropractic and osteopathic spinal manipulation.

Some physicians lament the fact that clinical disease must arrive before they can help you! Holistic doctors working in the sub-clinical area provide your best chance of preventing disease.  (It is self-evident that an acute infection requires immediate medical care.)

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If you choose to have an E-mail consult with me, it is important that you first read the my book, which  gives a good introduction to my holistic healing philosophy, and particularly helps you understand and master the different holistic issues we all face in life.  (But if diseased, or if you suspect disease, always first consult with a medical physician before embracing self-healing of any kind.)

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