1.    I understand that any recommendations made by Dr. Stenbeck are not directed towards the treatment of any specific disease, but are in support of my nutrition, mind and spirit, and my ability to improve my self-healing.

2.     If diseased, I agree to consult/or have consulted with a medical physician regarding treatment of my condition. Any nutritional or holistic recommendations made here are invalid without first receiving a medical opinion as to the most appropriate medication and medical attention for my condition.  Nutrition and holistic treatment may then be supportive to my successful treatment and/or prevention of disease.

3.     I understand that allergic reactions to foods and nutritional supplements are common, and therefore I accept full responsibility for any reaction I may have from choosing in my self-healing to take such substances.

4.     Disclaimer

         The information on this website is not intended to be medical advice, and does not replace any treatment by a qualified health professional or medical physician. In your self-healing, make health care decisions in association with appropriate medical advice.

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