Negative people are a reality of life.  We all know someone who has a negative mind or who is negative in their attitude towards you and/or others.

Any negative emotions you hold with such a person interferes with your healing and well-being. 

It is essential to release any negative feelings with that person, and to also protect yourself against their negative energies.   This is usually done through Sacred Geometry, the use of geometric symbols, in a particular color, that when invoked or visualized around yourself disperses such negative (or dark) energies and returns them to God (or the universe) for healing.  Interestingly, when you use this technique to protect yourself, spiritual healing for that negative person also  happens.  Marriage or an intimate relationship with such a person is a challenge.  And, of course, you have to look at why you chose to invite a ‘bad boy or girl’ into your life!  It is always to teach you something for your evolution.


Evil people and evil energies are a reality of life.  There is nastiness around us everywhere, but thankfully there are also beautiful people around us!  Still, we have to be aware of evil, darkness, un-Godly energies, or whatever you would call it.  These energies affect us all, although some people, not many, are resistant to being affected by them.  Such people have usually mastered their oneness with God or, conversely, have embraced the negative or dark side of life (and sadly are content with that).

The key symptom of you being affected by this problem is fatigue and gross physical weakness. 

Such people have enough energy to walk around, but on objective testing their muscles are all weak!  The energy field, or aura, is found to be torn—the result is, no energy, no strength, and no healing!

So what can you do about it?  The Sacred Geometry above is part of your self-healing solution.  You have to protect yourself from negative people before you can tackle the harder job of defeating any darkness in your life.  I have written more about this in my book, on this site, but it is a complex issue.  You may have been exposed to dark energy in childhood through abuse of some kind that caused you to be affected by it for your whole life.  You have to release such programming.

You may need to work with a spiritual healer who would balance your aura and disconnect any dark energies that have attached themselves to you (using auric healing, crystal patterns, color healing, Reiki, Shen, and similar spiritual methods).  I find this to be a common problem, affecting about 1:10 people in the general population, and about 1:2 in diseased people.  If brought up in a loving, spiritual home you may be immune to this common problem.


(Holistic Doctors Perspective)  

•           Able to feel instantly drained of energy

•           Accident-prone, or have many life problems

•           Have healing problems, weak muscles or a weak body

•           Hear negative or evil voices (or live with a

             negative or evil person)

[The above symptoms are similar to those found with spiritual stress.]

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A  coming show will address this subject in more detail.

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I specialize in helping you identify and release any issues you have around protecting yourself against negative people, and against any darkness in your life. For more details on these issues see my books and booklets on Amazon.

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