Your self-healing is further assisted through diet and the taking of appropriate nutritional supplements, and these are integral components to you becoming more healthy and preventing disease.  Nevertheless, I have found that the other components discussed in these pages are equally important and, in some cases, more important than what you put in your mouth.  Your nutritional status must be intact for holistic health and healing, but I find that the cause of your health problems, outside of medical issues, invariably lie in the mental, emotional, spiritual, diet and nutritional spheres.


Many of you, already cognizant with what makes up a healthy diet, have read many books on this subject.  I have devoted a chapter of my book to the subject of how your genetics determine the way you should be eating.  This is somewhat complex, so I can only address your dietary individuality with you as an E-mail Consult.  (See the Pages on BODY TYPES).


Foods help nurture and preserve tissue health, whereas herbs and nutritional supplements are keys to detoxifying and healing your body.  Eating a healthy diet is essential to maintain a healthy body.  But Government research confirms that foods often do not provide the nutrients needed to sustain your health.  Besides any medical needs, most sicknesses and diseases require intense doses of nutrients, herbs, and nutritional substances that foods cannot provide.  Taking only vitamin and mineral supplements is rarely curative, but it is definitely important as the basis of your nutritional healing.  Many nutritional doctors emphasize using supplements to remove environmental toxic metals and chemicals from your body to enhance your self-healing, and I find this to be a very important healing factor.


Common herbs mentioned throughout the book have thousands of international references testifying to their healing efficacyHowever, they have little medical acceptance due to a lack of research and standardization in their collection and processing.  Paradoxically, about 25% of pharmaceutical drugs derive from herbs.

Herbs have multiple functions and effects in the body.  Chickweed, for example, helps hormonal balance in some people, digestive and intestinal healing in others, and toxic metal removal in still others!   It is noteworthy that herbal textbooks seldom discuss removing toxic metals and chemicals from the body, because this use of herbs is a relatively recent concept.  The subject of sub-clinical toxic metals and chemicals in the disease process is also relatively new in the healing consciousness of holistic doctors.  (In medicine, this subject is ignored unless acute poisoning is suspected.)

Any organ needing healing may require herbs and nutritional substances.  Remember that the capsules surrounding herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements are usually made from beef!   Vegetarians are allergic to such capsules and need to use non-beef capsules or to take the herbs as teas.

Variations in manufacturers’ doses rarely affect your healing so don’t worry about herbal concen­trations; as a general rule for faster organ responses, choose higher concentrations (and don’t buy the cheapest herbs).  On taking herbs for the first time, for several days you may experience detoxification signs like fatigue, acidity, darker urine, bad breath, and general aches and pains.                                                                         

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