Your self-healing around feeling loved, loving and self-loving is accomplished here, and it is a key to healing and happiness.  You first have to feel loved by your parents, which then allows you to love them; after that self-love may be attained.  The negative programming of early childhood from an unloving parent is sufficient to interfere with your ability to love, feel loved and more importantly, to love and to feel loved by God—the ultimate goal in this healing.

Holistic healing has much to offer around resolving your mental, emotional and spiritual issues about love.  Your ability to give and receive love, more than ever, depends upon your positive thinking and feelings around this subject.  How well are you able to say and mean I love you?   You may think you are highly loving, but the presence of any fear, anger, regret, sadness, etc., or love pain in your heart guarantees an impaired ability to give and receive love (and to love yourself).  Removing blocks to being loving gives you a greater ability to give and receive love.  You may have had childhood pain or abuse from a parent, friend, family member, etc., of feeling unloved, unwanted, un-nurtured, etc., which locked into discrete organs and their acupuncture circuits.  This promotes ill-health in such organs, which may require nutritional supplements for healing.

In fact, over decades of clinical practice I have found the predominant cause of negative childhood programming in young children is:  not feeling loved, worshipped or adored by one or both parents (which equates to not receiving enough hugs, love and kisses from both parents).

The bottom line: if you have any negative programming around the emotion of love, it also blocks your ability to love and to feel loved by God. 


Your self-healing around sexual issues is effective in resolving mental, emotional and spiritual issues about sex.  These issues usually start in childhood as negative sexual programming or as sexual abuse, anger, fear, conflicts, etc.  Such experiences produce mental and emotional programming that interferes with your orgasms or sexual performance as an adult; this results in prostate, teste, ovary, uterus, and breast problems.  Holistic self-healing is directed at identifying and resolving such programming.

For example, I have known women devoid of orgasms, who after releasing negative sexual programming from childhood were able to orgasm within a few weeks.  Similarly, benign cysts and tumors of breasts, ovaries, testes, and prostates are seen to resolve quickly after releasing negative emotions retained in the sex organs.  Likewise, performance problems in men are amenable to healing by dealing with the underlying mental and emotional issues.  Nutritional support will often stabilize a sex organ problem, but emotional issues are invariably more important for your healing. Nutritional supplements  may also be needed.  (Of course, any medical aspects must be attended to first before addressing such holistic concerns—true for all your organs.)

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I specialize in helping you identify and remove any negative programming that commonly causes love and sex issues that affect your health and healing, particularly in the sex organs.

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