Whether you believe in a higher power or not this, in itself, does not cause disease, but if you hold negative attitudes or emotions about God, church or religion this factor interferes with your self-healing.  Your inner truth expects you to at least become neutral on the subject, rather than to hold negative feelings about God and religion.  Be open to releasing such negative emotions, and you WILL be healthier!

On the other hand, if you want to improve and nurture your God relationship, then releasing such negative programming is essential to attaining that goal—and your self-healing achieves this end.

You may hold, from childhood, anger or other negative feelings due to being forced to go to Sunday School or to church.  Such programming interferes with you developing a closer relationship with God, even if you are mentally ready to do it!  Conversely, you may hold negative programming from never going to church as a child, or from being discouraged in believing that God exists.

If you are angry, fearful, hating, etc., you cannot have or experience their opposite positive feelings.  This separates you from God!  As you release the negatives, your relationship with the deity is ready to be embraced again.  As you become the best person you have ever been, your God relationship is then improved and perfected.

Some people choose the path of love pain, of not wanting to give or receive love again, which presents another problem: you effectively block receiving God’s love.  I find that resolving this situation is a key to improving your relationship with God.

It has been a blessing in my life to help others remove such negative feelings and to see them enhance their God relationships.  I have seen people who hated God become God-loving.  Quite incredible changes can happen.

In addition, there are often other spiritual issues that impact upon your healing like chakra and aura imbalances, spiritual emotions, and life lessons. They must all be addressed to attain spiritual balance.

The chakras (spiritual energy centers) indicate your spiritual balance and any evolutionary issues needing work.   Spiritually-based negative emotions throw one or more chakras out of balance, which then adversely affects related organs; for example, if you often feel fear, dread and terror in your life, such feelings overload from an abdominal spiritual center (chakra ) into your intestines and may become a major cause of intestinal healing problems requiring nutrition (or Rx).  The spiritual aspect (or life lesson) is that your inner truth expects you to release such negativity and to become the most fearless, brave and courageous person you have ever been!

Spiritually, your soul has set you the task of mastering such issues or evolutionary goals.  You may need to release depression, sadness, humiliation, heartbreak, resentment, frustration, etc.  You know what you have.  It usually bothers you to have such weaknesses, and you may hide them.  Know that you can help heal yourself!

In 1987 I was blessed to be introduced to the Self-Realization Fellowship organization and to find some realization and meaning to what life (and my life) is all about.  We all need some inspiration, from somewhere, to seek and find a meaning to our lives.  I pray that you have found, or will find, that inspiration to what your life is all about.



(Holistic Doctors Perspective)  

•           Many life-problems, or accident-prone

•           Have a fragile higher power relationship

•           Many weak muscles, unresolved healing problems

•           Have parents who did not believe in a higher power

•           Have negative (or evil)  thoughts, hear negative voices

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I specialize in helping you identify and correct any negative programming around God or a higher power (that interfere with your health and life).  It may be from not having a strong God relationship, or from being affected by negative people or by dark energies.  For more details on these issues see my books and booklets on Amazon.

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