The mental body, your conscious thinking, is responsible for creating your positive thinking.   If plagued by negative thoughts, you are certainly making disease.  Hans Selye, M.D., showed that the mental stress and worries of everyday life internalizes in your stomach, adrenals and immune systems, interferes with their healthy functioning, and promotes disease.

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Much ill-health is due to your negative thinking. You achieve mental balance and positive thinking through taking specific nutrition (see below) for the nervous system, and through affirming positive statements about your major stresses. Becoming positive again through your self-healing is a given!  If highly stressed you may also have intense negative feelings, in every cell of your being, overloading into your mental body and causing negative thinking.



(Holistic Doctors Perspective)

•        Fatigue

•        Unable to think positively

•        Having a ‘runaway mind’

•        Lymphatic gland congestion

•        Adrenal hypoglycemia, low blood sugar

•        Migraines, head, neck or mid-back pain

•        Stomach or intestinal irritation and ulcers

•        Moods or depression without good reason

•        Immune problems, failure to heal

•        Stuck innegative or neurotic thinking



Take with food:

•        Valerian Root or Chamomile herb: 1-2 capsules, twice daily

•        Calcium/Magnesium: 600 mg. calcium,  twice daily

•        B-Complex: 2 caps, twice daily



The basic emotional programming occurs where negative feelings lock into individual organs.  For example, the liver retains anger and rage, causing allergies and hypoglycemia.  The average person holds painful feelings with several people, in different organs, even after therapy! Any emotions may be involved, and by doing the written releases you acquire the opposite positive feelings.  So what negatives do you have? What needs work?

The everyday psychological issues that you grow up with, or take on as an adult, interfere with your healing; anger or rage, for example, locks in your liver and its acupuncture circuit thereby preventing you experiencing calm, peace and tranquility in your life.   After releasing the negative emotions, your ‘anger button’ is diminished.  In this instance nutrition is needed for the liver  and nervous system.

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