Important Notes:

** Unfortunately, the offer I make on these shows that FREE advice is available from me, has had to be discontinued.**

Each YouTube Show emphasizes the HOLISTIC—NOT MEDICAL self-Healing components of your healing.  Of course, you must first attend to any medical concerns before embracing any self-healing. 

 Any organ may have nutritional needs from nutrient deficiencies, or from retained environmental toxins (often due to acupuncture imbalances in different organs).  Managing mental and spiritual stresses, and removing negative emotions, is important in any organ healing as they represent seeds of future ill-health or disease. 



1.  Introduction.  This show emphasizes the importance of identifying mental, emotional, spiritual, diet, and nutritional issues in your healing.  The differences between medical and holistic doctors is discussed.  A Nutritional Priority System for organizing this approach to your holistic self-healing is introduced.

2.  Digestion, Absorption, and  Elimination  (Level One).  This show introduces the holistic self-healing keys for the esophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas.  (Emotions like self-fear, dread and terror are found here.)  Later shows address the other digestive organs.  The Esophagus and Stomach are featured in this show.



3.  Intestines, Ileo-cecal valve  (Level One).  This show addresses self-healing solutions to common intestinal problems; treating the ileo-cecal valve is essential for recovery from constipation (fear and guilt are found here).


4.  Resolving Mental  Stress.   The stress of your everyday thinking and worrying overloads into different organs and sets the stage for disease.  Nutrition and affirmation solutions for this very common problem are discussed.  Resolving this stress is vital for any self-healing to occur.


5.  Pancreas, Gall bladder  (Level One).   These two organs commonly cause digestive malfunctions, with environmental toxicity and emotional issues being the key self-healing elements (rejection, self-fear and dread feelings are common here).


6.  Emotional Stress Resolution This show explores how the negative emotions of life, from infancy to adulthood, are retained in your organs and their acupuncture pathways (anger, fear, sadness, hopeless, helpless, hate, betrayal, etc.).  Your self-healing releases such emotions, replaces them with positive emotions and behaviors, contributing to your recovery from ill-health and disease, and supplements any psychological therapy.

7.  Liver  (Level One).  The liver’s detoxifying function makes it the most important organ in the body.   It has many functions including digestion and elimination, and its treatment is crucial to your recovery from ill-health (anger, hopeless and helpless feelings are common here).  Self-healing of the liver is very effective.

8.  Brain Glands and Hormones (Level Two).  Self-healing keys for the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands are addressed at this Level  (self: humiliation, embarrassment and shame are common here).  This present show deals with the Thalamus and Hypothalamus.

9.  Pituitary & Pineal Glands (Level Two).  The Pituitary Gland  is the so-called ‘master gland’ of the body.  Its hormones literally affect every cell in your body.  This gland commonly has subclinical healing  factors (self: humiliation, embarrassment and shame are common here). The Pineal Gland  relates to vision in lower animals, and also to your intuitive processes.  Self-healing corrects contributes to healing of the voice, sexual function, and benign breast lesions (victimized or annihilated are found here).

10.  Adrenal/Pancreas Glands and Hypoglycemia (Level Two).  Holistic self-healing is effective for underactive adrenal function (hypoglycemia).  This show discusses a very common hormonal problem causing fatigue, depression, and many other symptoms.   (Negative feelings like self-anger and failure are common here.)  The pancreas is another common cause of low blood sugar, and of sugar craving, involving nutrition and negative emotions (rejection).

11.  Spiritual Stress Resolution.  Releasing any negative feelings, thoughts or other programming you have about God, church or religion is an important healing factor in your illness or disease.  Believing in God is not the issue, but holding negativity about God or spiritual matters does interfere with your healing.  A later show deals with another important spiritual issue: your vulnerability to negative people and dark energies.  If affected by such people, you can never heal naturally.  Drugs help, but self-healing will not work.  Any healing may be delayed by spiritual factors needing attention.

12. Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands.  These glands are discussed with their symptoms and holistic components. Negative emotions of 

13.  Defense Against Negative People.  This show discusses a difficult subject, which is essential for your healing and happiness. Holistic self-healing is usually the only solution here.  We all have beautiful people in our lives, but also others who are negative or even have evil or dark energies.  (This is a Level Eight matter, and arguably one of the most important subjects in any holistic self-healing.)

14.  Sex Organs: Prostate, Testes, Ovaries, Uterus, Breasts (Level Two) These organs invariably hold retained negative sexual programming.  Medically, prostate cancer is considered to be rampant in older men, but self-healing has much to offer in its prevention (negative sexual feelings, unloved, unwanted, etc., are common here). Breast tenderness, congestion, cysts, etc. hold emotions (un-nurtured, self-un-nurtured feelings in childhood are common here); ovary and uterus problems involve root chakra emotions (parent/child issues, sexual abuse, unloved, unwanted, unappreciated, etc.).

15.  Dietary Individuality and Acid-Alkaline Balance:  Understanding the genetic basis of your food needs: vegetarian, carnivorous or intermediate between the two extremes.  This is based on the genetics of your acid-alkaline balance.


16.  Organs of Waste-Acid Removal  (Level Three).   Self-healing keys for the liver, lungs, kidneys, bladder, and skin are addressed at this Level.  These organs collectively release the normal waste-acids of metabolism that collect in your tissues:  an important consideration in the healing of every organ in the body.  The self-healing of the Liver was introduced at Level One and it is continued here.


 17.  Lungs (Level Three).  Respiratory system problems from a holistic perspective are discussed in this show; retained emotions interfere with healing (self-despair or self-sorrow).  Nutritional support is also essential here (and for most organ dysfunction).

18.  Kidneys (Level Three).  This show discusses kidney insufficiency and chronic infections, which have self-healing components with nutritional and emotional issues (loss of intimacy with someone you love).

19.  Bladder (Level Three).  This show discusses chronic bladder infections that respond well to self-healing, whereas acute infections require medical attention (control issues are common here).


20.  Skin (Level Three).  Skin problems invariably respond to self-healing.  Negative emotions (like self-hate) lock into the skin setting the stage for skin problems.  Allergies may also be an important causative factor.  Infection is usually secondary to the above holistic factors.

21.  Connective Tissues.  Organ Toxic Metal Removal  (Level Four).  This show discusses this very important nutritional issue; toxic metals interfere with organ healing, with mineral metabolism, and with all connective tissue healing (bones, joints, teeth, etc.).

Minerals and Trace MineralsMany scientists believe that these nutrients are more important than vitamins in your health; their digestion, absorption, utilization, and importance in connective tissue healing is discussed in this show.

22.  Immunity.  Thymus. (Level Five).   This show discusses the effective self-healing of the thymus.  On this Level the thymus, spleen, lymphatics, bone marrow, and adrenal cortex are addressed.  The thymus gland holds destructive emotions that impair your immune function (hate, lost faith and judgment).  The thymus is responsible for major immune functions, and is addressed first.

Spleen. (Level Five).  The spleen is responsible for antibody production and many other functions.  Self-healing is very effective here (resentment and bitterness are common here).  It is possible to live without a spleen, but other immune organs need to take up the slack.

Lymphatic System (Level Five).  Nutrition and releasing your emotions around how other people should behave is important in this self-healing show (unreal expectations are found here).  The lymph system requires exercise for circulation of its lymph fluids that carry waste products from the tissues out of the body.

Bone Marrow (Level Five).  Nutrition is important for detoxifying environmental metals and chemicals from the bone marrow.  Emotions cause acupuncture imbalance,  allowing toxicity to collect in the marrow (rebellion) and interfere with healing.

Adrenal Cortex (Level Five).  The adrenal cortex makes many hormones, including ‘cortisone’, that affect immunity and the healing of every part of the body.  Self-healing is very effective  (self-anger and self-failure are common here).  Adrenal healing was introduced in Level Two and is continued here.

23. Brain (Level Six) This show addresses the brain self-healing for its command over your healing.  Nutritional needs are common (humiliation and shame are common here).  In addition, this Level also deals with the heart, sinuses, ears, eyes, and their holistic components.

Heart (Level Six).  Outside of spinal trauma and disease, the heart is the most common cause of low back pain.  Emotional pain retained in the heart from lost love may cause actual physical heart pain that is un-diagnosable by medical testing (it is sub-clinical).  Nutrition is also effective in your heart self-healing  (sorrow, grief and heartbreak are common here.)

Sinuses, Ears and Eyes (Level Six).  This show discusses these tissues that invariably hold negative emotions (conflicts, blocked hearing or seeing the truth).  Self-healing is very effective here.

24 Spinal Cord (Level Seven).  This Level addresses toxic metal and chemical issues, free radical toxicity, and the vascular system.  It is important to remove environmental toxic metals and to release the intense self-negative emotions locked in the spinal cord (like self: destructiveness, sabotage).  This show presents the spinal cord factors.

Toxic Chemical Removal (Level Seven).  Many people retain toxic chemicals in the body from environmental pollution of the air, water and foods.  These chemicals are found in the organs, and particularly in the central nervous system.  Self-healing with supplements is necessary, along with removal of any negative sexual emotions and other root chakra feelings (unloved, unwanted, etc.) that initiate acupuncture imbalances, cause toxic chemical accumulation, and interfere with healing. 

Vascular System (Level Seven).   This show discusses the self-healing of the vascular system, nutrition, and the removal of intense negative emotions that interfere with vascular function (like suppression, oppression, stopped, imprisoned, etc.).